A large part of human trafficking for sexual purposes and prostitution takes place inside Stockholm hotels. This is an issue that many hotels struggle with, how can they better prepare to handle those situations that come to light?

One way to go is collaboration with Talita, an organization that offers support and assistance to women in prostitution. ApartDirect is part of such cooperation. By supporting the organization financially, and keeping in direct contact with Talita's outreach department, ApartDirect can better handle those situations.

So what does Talita really do? Talita supports both long-term and emergency situations. The long-term work is based on a twelve-month rehabilitation program, which includes safe housing and trauma therapy. The program helps women to be safe and integrated back into society. Most emergency cases rise from police or social services that need Talita's help through safe housing for trials, and therapy. The women who come to Talita are asked if they want to be part of Talita's long-term rehabilitation program, but many prioritize returning home to their home country.

Being perhaps the work that becomes most apparent in contact with the hotel industry, is Talita's outreach department. Employers and volunteers move in street- and club environment where prostitution can occur to get in touch, motivate and build relationships with young women.

Talita writes about the porn industry as an entry point for many young girls into the sex industry:

“Over the years, Talita has witnessed a clear link between pornography, prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes. (...) Porn producers recruit young women continously through social media and lure them into the industry with promises of fame and glory. They use terms found in popular culture, such as “blogs” and “model jobs” which are intended to hide what kind of content is actually being produced.”

ApartDirect employee Johan Möllerström
took the first initiative within ApartDirect to start a collaboration with Talita organization.

“I think these situations are inevitable to anyone who's running a hotel business. But when such a situation do come to our attention, it is important that we hand it over to Talita and the Stockholm Police department as they know better how to talk to women within this trade,“ says Möllerström. He continues: “And it is of course our hope and aim that they will find the support needed. Many of these women are very scared of authorities, out of bad experience.”

You are welcome to read more about Talita's study of the Swedish porn industry and their work in this PDF document: Click here to read more.